Dubai Metro and Tram extend operations for 40 continuous hours during New Year celebrations

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced extended service hours for the Dubai Metro and Tram during New Year’s Eve celebrations. The services will operate continuously for 40 hours, starting from 8 am on December 31 for the Metro and 9 am for the Tram, until the end of January 1 and 1 am on January 2, respectively.

The RTA aims to enhance public convenience by providing a fleet of 230 buses free of charge, reducing traffic congestion. Additionally, around 900 additional parking spaces in Al Wasl and Al Jafiliya have been arranged to accommodate increased vehicles attending the celebrations.

The RTA has also implemented improved signage systems for guidance, including road signs and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) signage for real-time information on road closures and alternative routes.

The initiative reflects the RTA’s commitment to enhancing Dubai’s transportation infrastructure and ensuring the well-being of citizens and guests.

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