UAE launches major humanitarian effort in Gaza, sending 1.6 million winter items

The UAE has undertaken a significant humanitarian effort by sending over 1.6 million pieces of winter clothing and blankets to the Gaza Strip. This initiative, led by the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) under the ‘Be their Warmth’ campaign, aims to alleviate the challenges faced by Palestinians during the ongoing conflict and severe winter conditions.

The phased distribution of these essential supplies is crucial for those lacking adequate shelter amid dropping temperatures and the persistent Israel-Gaza conflict. The ERC is collaborating with Egypt to ensure the safe passage of aid through the Rafah border crossing, and a public donation campaign is ongoing to gather more winter items.

The UAE’s commitment extends beyond material aid, as the nation advocates for a permanent ceasefire, establishes a field hospital in Gaza, and pledges medical treatment for injured Palestinian children and cancer patients in UAE hospitals.

Additionally, numerous aid flights have been dispatched, delivering thousands of tonnes of essential supplies to Gaza.

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