Unlocking the Gladiator Mindset: Dariush Soudi’s Journey to Peak Performance and Entrepreneurial Success in the UAE

Dariush Soudi is a man of many talents. With a background in the military and elite athletics, he has dedicated his career to assisting individuals in discovering their inner strength and reaching peak performance in all aspects of life.

As the founder of the Gladiator Mastery course, he has gained a deep understanding of the psychology of peak performance and has helped thousands of individuals worldwide reach their goals using his no-nonsense approach and practical strategies.

Dariush has spent approximately 14 years in Dubai since he arrived in 2009. During this time, he has witnessed the growth of the UAE’s economy and has identified some key things that entrepreneurs should keep in mind before launching a business in the UAE in 2023.

According to Dariush, market research is crucial, and entrepreneurs should ask at least 100 people (non-family and friends) for their opinion. He also advises putting together a business plan, a cash flow projection, and reviewing the size of the market and possible competitors. Dariush believes that having a unique selling proposition is critical to stand out in a crowded market.


Entrepreneurs and startups in the UAE face present-day challenges, according to Dariush. He believes that the tendency to rely on social media for sales can be a long and distracting process. Instead, he recommends that entrepreneurs pick up the phone and meet with potential customers face-to-face, as this method can yield results much faster.

“I believe the tendency to rely on social media for sales can be a long and distracting process. I believe the best way to get a sale done is by picking up the phone and meeting some one face to face. Social media takes a long time comparing to the old fashion way of sales,” he said.

As a coach, Dariush finds the most satisfying part of his job is turning a struggling business around to profitability and watching his clients count the extra zeros in their bank accounts.

He believes that business and sales are simple, but we tend to complicate things for ourselves. The everyday obstacles he encounters are typically from employees who don’t value themselves and their standards of work. However, he welcomes obstacles and believes that they help him train people to avoid or overcome them.

Dariush has had to overcome significant challenges in his life, including having no money, no friends, and no peer group. He relied on postcard notes reminding him of all he had to do every day to reach his goals and a vision board to keep him focused. Dariush advises entrepreneurs to keep their focus and work hard and smart to achieve their goals.

“Everyone should have one (goal). You just have to know and remember that as long as you are doing the right things every day, eventually your circumstances will change for the better. The more you or your business earns the more confident you become,” Dariush said.

Vision and ultimate goal

When it comes to his ultimate vision for himself and his family, Dariush wants to leave them with enough financial security and education so that they never have to feel poor. He wants his children’s cups to be filled with so much love that they never have to form relationships to fill any void they may have. He hopes they will form life-enhancing relationships that add value to their lives.

In conclusion, Dariush Soudi is a gladiator, inspirational speaker, and coach who has dedicated his career to helping individuals reach peak performance. He believes that success and abundance come from strategizing, practicing moves, and using practical approaches to achieve goals.

For entrepreneurs and startups in the UAE, Dariush advises caution, market research, and careful spending to achieve long-term success, “Don’t be in a rush, 99.99% of successful business take time. Business is a marathon and not a sprint. Be careful how you spend your money.”

“Cash is King, watch your costs. Before you get into a partnership with another entity , weigh up all your options and make sure you share the same values.”

About Gladiator Mastery Program

The Gladiator Mastery program, created by Dariush Soudi, is focused on providing professionals with the skills they need to succeed in life. With the belief that modern technology has made people lazy and entitled, the program emphasizes the importance of practicing and strategizing to achieve success and abundance.

Drawing inspiration from the gladiators of ancient times who had to fight for their lives, the program teaches practical approaches for overcoming challenges and achieving goals. By incorporating strategies used in The Arena, participants can learn to overcome obstacles and succeed in today’s competitive environment.

The Gladiator Mastery program aims to provide individuals with the tools they need to thrive and succeed in all aspects of their lives.

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