CENTERFOLD: What’s next after EXPO 2020?

Welcome to District 2020

EXPO 2020 Dubai aims to have one great goal: to unify everyone amid diversity. Aside from presenting the cultures and traditions of different countries worldwide, its tagline ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ is a breakthrough and innovative way of forecasting and calculating the time ahead. 

It all started on October 1, 2021, during the rise of COVID-19 in the world. Although still pandemic time, Dubai’s host city believes that nothing is impossible. And, honestly, Dubai sets to be the number one city to gradually win the virus through its innovative and technologically advanced medical approach. 

The exhibition only lasts for six boundless months, yet the memories will endure forever to the 25 million visitors the event had. Dubai is genuinely a futuristic city of people-centred leaders, possibilities, and inspiration. 

There were over 190 countries that participated in the event, and it is the first time in World Expo history that every participating country has its pavilion. The pavilions are not just ordinary hubs because they showcase the future through astonishing architectural design that mirrors innovation and the future. 

Behind the streets of the three districts

If we had a chance to visit the EXPO, we observed four districts: Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity. These districts are simply the three power concepts of the world’s future. 

The Sustainability district focuses on how the human race can achieve and relish the harmonious relationship with nature in a modern future. At the same time, the Mobility district aims to develop more imaginative possibilities in connecting ideas, creativity, knowledge, and diversity. 

Lastly, the Opportunity district unlocks the potential of every individual to create a chance for a better future and inspire other creatures as well. 

The country’s pavilions are logically arranged in line with its vision and hope to convene with the mission of their district name. Moreover, all revelations spark purposeful progress that builds and foundations the world’s prosperity, unity, and beyond.

What’s next after EXPO? 

Everybody is curious about what will happen to the pavilions and the massive area of the exhibition? The truth is, before everything started, there was only a plan for it. 

The gates of the exhibition will never be closed. The mission and vision will stay intact and will forever be there. The site itself will be transformed to its new name: The District 2020; this is set as a world-class community hub for innovation, culture, entertainment, education, and services facilities. 

This area will become a smart city that creates feasible solutions to world problems and a sustainable home of a safer and healthier future. It will establish a meaningful legacy for the new generations. 

During the transition from an exhibition to a 15-minute district, pavilions and other facilities will be turned into entertainment centers, hospitals, offices, educational institutions, and the like. Therefore, it will be a global community where culture and understanding among nations share the same goal and aspirations. 

‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

Building a better tomorrow will only be possible if everybody takes a single step towards change. 

As EXPO 2020 exits the market, Dubai will continue to unite every nationality and strive for breakthroughs and potentials. It addresses the challenges and creates reasonable solutions. It is worth giving thanks to the leaders of Dubai that unceasingly motivate, inspire, and creates a better emirate. 

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