Chef Sanklap Kondre: Nurtured cook garnishing his family’s future

Determined Chef Sankalp is currently working as a Sous Chef of Il Pomodoro and Esperia Restaurant in Days Hotel by Wyndham Deira, Dubai. This man creates his destiny through undeniable efforts and eagerness to learn. 

Chef Sankalp is an Indian by race and nurtured as a chef. Carried out by his motivation, after he graduated in Mumbai, India, where he got his degree in Hotel Management. After which, he continued his studies in culinary in London.

The dream of becoming a chef comes into reality when he gives his total effort to make sure every ambition turns to genuineness. Openness and self-trust are indispensable for growth. 

Currently, he lives in Dubai with his family, enjoying each moment and cherishing the emirate’s opportunity to its residents. 


Forming a purpose

“I got a degree in hotel management back in India and eventually proceeded in London for my culinary course.” 

Chef Sanklap believes that his eagerness and love for cooking started from home. He also realized it when he excelled in different culinary courses when he was in college. 

“I used to cook at home, and I want to cook all my life. Since my college days, I am also excelling in cooking, which led me to become a chef,” Chef Sankalp said. 

This great chef got a chance to work in London for two years. Still, after some time, he moved to the United Arab Emirates and worked with different hotels, where he managed to gain experience and learn Italian and Belgian cuisines. 

Chef Sanklap attested that London gave him an excellent opportunity to learn about culinary and hotel management. But after his studies, he needed to go home to India, so he decided to move to the Middle East instead.

“My first work was in Abu Dhabi, and in due course, I moved to Dubai and started as a supervisor and now a Sous Chef,” he uttered. 

Dubai life

Dubai is described as a place of prodigious chances. Chef Sanklap attested to it when he said that Dubai is an exciting place of opportunities, especially in the hospitality realm. 

“I also observed that many chefs from Europe are coming to Dubai,” he added. 

When Dubai Vibes Magazine asked him about his Dubai experience as a chef, he said: “Being a good chef always depends on interest and passion. Since I did not have an opportunity to work in India, I had a chance in London to study western cuisines. And nowhere in Dubai, I am cooking more on western food.”

“In Il Pomodoro, they mostly focus on Italian dishes, while in Esperia more on Mediterranean cuisine. My signature dish is homemade lasagna, and our customers love it,” he further explained. 

His advice to aspiring chefs is that doing your best is the greatest weapon for success. Opportunities will follow if someone is hardworking. 

Dubai Vibes Magazine releases its Issue 12 covering the EXPO 2020 Dubai. The magazine is divided into different sections: Talk of the Town, Dining, People and Travel. Enjoy reading!

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