WhatsApp launches ‘Leave group silently’, two more new features

The popularity and use of the Whatsapp app are well known around the world. Additionally, Meta added three new features to improve user security and privacy.

The significance of each of the new features is explained below:

1. Leave group conversations without informing anybody

With the use of WhatsApp, people may quietly leave groups without disturbing the other group members.

Following the privacy upgrade, only the group administrator will be informed of the departure, leaving the other members in the dark.

2. Limit who may access your online activity.

Users of WhatsApp will be able to choose which contacts may view them online. A user can prevent their contacts from seeing the ‘online’ signal that shows on the chat if they do not want some (or most) of them to know that they are currently using a platform.

3. ‘View-once’ message screenshots will not be taken.

WhatsApp allows you to send view-once messages, which are texts that are destroyed once the recipient views them.

Receivers won’t be able to screenshot films or pictures received utilizing the view-once function as a result of this privacy change. Whatsapp claims that users will be able to access this new feature soon.

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