Aisha Akhtar Lakdawala: The innovator of women’s empowerment

Indian national Aisha Akhtar Lakdawala, 50, is employed with the Shaheen Group as an entrepreneur. This person has advocated for women’s rights and dreamed of building a forum where women can showcase their abilities.

She enjoys reading and is a natural traveler. In 2022, she truly began the first private book library in Abu Dhabi. She was chosen for this effort because she reads widely.

Before being let off, she spent 25 years working in the aviation sector in the United Arab Emirates. As Facebook was “the hot thing” in 20212, she founded the Smile UAE Facebook Group for amusement and intellectual stimulation. However, as the recession hit and many men lost their jobs, women sought to support themselves financially.

As a result, in 2017, I gave the group that had just been formed for fun formal status by providing a license to hold exhibits and encourage female entrepreneurs. She added that I also own a travel business, and we assist with local visas, tickets, and ladies-only trip packages.

Aisha had long resided in the United Arab Emirates. since 1989 when she was a teenager. Despite having lived there for more than 20 years, she claimed Abu Dhabi, in particular, treated her well because she had the flexibility to work and even had her own business.

After-work life

She has long worked in the aviation sector but is also passionate about fashion, style, and books. For these reasons, she also runs a book library and a shop.

She said I picked this sector after working for more than 25 years. I have more creative flexibility in my industry, and I also get to meet many new individuals. Mostly enjoyable with no real pressure. Even if there are no financial rewards, it still makes you feel good to watch people happy.

Aisha claims that while she is not working, she is busy doing many activities, including meeting plenty of book enthusiasts. For seventeen years, she had her book store, which served as a gathering place for adults and children who loved reading after work hours.

There are now several events for women and children, including art and dance competitions. Singing and skill displays. However, she also has an internet platform to carry on the activities during quiet periods.

Aisha was an inventor who always sought to improve her concepts to benefit society’s members, particularly women. She claims that in her current circumstance as an entrepreneur, advocate, and person, invention is one of her daily battles.

“Innovation requires ongoing effort on fresh concepts and solutions. Because most women prioritize their families and their careers in addition to raising children,” she admitted that she sometimes finds it challenging.

Empowering oneself

Even if life won’t always be smooth sailing, empowerment is one of the best tools for battling for your ambitions.

When Dubai Vibes Magazine questioned Aisha about how she overcomes obstacles, she said that she holds on to the fantastic individuals she met along the path who are eager to support her all the way.

“My family is constantly at my side and supports me through everything. And when I had to close my library after 17 years due to several regulatory changes and exorbitant rent that I could not pay after losing my job. This is one battle I was unable to win,” she said.

Aisha is a robust lady who strives for excellence and creativity. Her perspective on life is grounded in the sincerity of heart and openness of spirit. Although it has never been easy for her, her initiative continues to leave a mark on everyone’s hearts.

She has long desired to become a librarian or possibly a schoolteacher, and she is now working toward that goal. She claims that her two favorite industries are education and the subject of library science.

She also has an ambition for her family to tour the world or, at the very least, see places she has never been.

Lastly, she wants to promote and empower more women and provide them with a platform where they share their talents. 

“I believe every woman has one or more unique abilities. I encourage all women to meet other women and put their own needs first because only once you start loving (and enjoying) yourself will you be able to share that love with your family and be more effective at work,” she added.

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