An individual with multipotentialities comes from a wide range of backgrounds and is gifted in various ways. This is the right way to tell the story of Maison Tini’s founder, Mona Jaber.

This 33-year-old Jordanian has worked in various fields and businesses, allowing her to become a lady of intelligence and bravery.

She attended Boston College and majored in Finance and Economics. She recognized and felt called to a different purpose after graduating. As a result, she studied Sustainable Development at Columbia University.

After a while, she applied for jobs in Dubai, notably in Non-Governmental Organizations. The recruiting managers couldn’t figure out how the worlds of finance and sustainable development could coexist, which was a challenge for him.

She accepted a job in accounting out of desperation after trying for several months to find the perfect employment, and she was not satisfied with the 450 days she worked there.

Roots and desire

Before starting her own business, she went through a succession of hardships, jobs, and tribulations that taught her how to make a difference in the world.

Mona served as a short-term consultant for the Millennium Villages Projects in Rwanda. She then worked as an Accountant for a multinational FMCG and as a holistic health coach certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She spent years managing a restaurant in Morocco with her spouse based on that foundation.

“My interests are varied and crazy. They all have a desire to connect with others and make a difference in the world, no matter how little or large,” she added.

She enjoys meeting new people and learning about their lives. She was constantly interested in other people’s plans, ambitions, and dreams. Mona understood from the outset that she wanted to help people, that she enjoyed conducting business and working with women, and that she wanted to do things differently.

“Through Maison Tini, I get to accomplish all of that.  Every day is different; I get to meet wonderful individuals; I am humbled because other women seek my counsel; I challenge, create, and inspire. I accomplish it all with the help of an army of individuals that believe in me and share my vision,” Mona continued. 

Despite her hectic schedule, the only people she has time for are her two wonderful children. Setting up a business is difficult for her, but it is also exhilarating, lucrative, and thrilling.

“I truly think that I am assisting other small company owners in reaching new markets and gaining greater visibility by doing what I do every day. This is the smallest influence I can be proud of at this point,” she explained.

Finding her strength

Mona’s different skills will never be developed if a healthy mix of difficulties and happiness is not there. She said modestly that she was struggling to figure out what to do with all of her enthusiasm and how to make sense of it.

One day, while listening to a TED talk about multipotentialities, she realized her actual purpose. She told Dubai Vibes Magazine, “I realized what I enjoyed was building and the process of putting things up, regardless of the business, whether it’s cuisine, fashion, or vehicles. Coming to this conclusion was a watershed moment in my career.”

As she started to tell her story, she noted that there would always be individuals who attempted to pull her down, create falsehoods, or even speak negatively about her. But it’s all part of the experience, and she’s learned to let go and do her best.

She discovered her luck and destiny when she arrived in Dubai in 2014. She regarded the emirate as her home since it provided her with several options.

According to her, you may be anyone you want to be in Dubai. It is critical to discover one’s equilibrium and the appropriate formula to refresh oneself; once you do, it is magical.

“With the right lens, you’d be able to see opportunity around every corner. We are extremely privileged to live here,” she said.

Finally, she is looking forward to realizing her ultimate goal of raising wonderful, compassionate people who will continue to give back and inspire others to do the same.