Dr. Sangeeta Sharma: How does a multi-talented doctor get to be a philanthropist?

“Success is when you feel happiness in doing whatever you want to do at that point of time. Fulfillment is happiness. Small goals are a success. And failures are a stepping stone for success.” 

A medical doctor that never ceases to serve anyone in all possible means. This is how people described Dr. Sangeeta, the Medical Director of the 35-year-old Al Ahalia Hospital in Abu Dhabi, one of the oldest hospitals in the emirate. 

Aside from being a doctor, she was part of the Indian air force and served as a medical officer of the military army. She also joined BeingShe Universe, a pageant for women that aims for women empowerment. 

This woman has been in the United Arab Emirates for six years. She first joined the hospital as a laboratory director and was eventually promoted to the Medical Director. Serving in a leadership position inspires her to become a good trailblazer among his companions. 

Aside from being a pathologist, she is also a philanthropist. She makes sure that her passion in the medical field will be related to engagement in different community programs. Dr. Sangeeta realized that her hospital should have a multi-cultural approach in which the doctors should come from various nationalities. 

The root of all spur

Dr. Sangeeta came from a family of doctors. Her parents, aunties, uncles, and cousins are almost all in the same profession. She said that she never had a turning point in her life that she needed to decide on another job. 

“From childhood, I was obsessed when I used to see them and taught a strong motivation and inspiration. I could not think of anything else,” she said. 

When Dubai Vibes Magazine asked her about her children’s decision, she said that she would leave the decision with them. Suppose they feel that they are inspired and passionate to serve. Being a doctor is a long journey; it is not easy. Otherwise, whatever interest they have, she has full support. 

In India, there is a sturdy rivalry in terms of work. According to her, achieving all of the things she has right now is all because of her hard work. 

“I work very hard, and there is strong competition in India. I work the hardest to achieve my dreams. And with the help of the blessings, all my hard work is paid off, and I am sitting here. I am delighted that I reached here,” she uttered. 

She also said, “I worked in different government hospitals in India, and it is a challenge for doctors to utilize the resources. Since India is so populated, there is always a scarcity of materials and doctors. They need to do their best despite the misery.”

UAE life

When Dr. Sangeeta decided to move to UAE, she honestly shared her challenges of starting everything from scratch. According to her, she needed to get a license and look for a job at that time. Fortunately, she got an excellent job on her first attempt. 

“I am privileged because I got a leadership position to see and manage the hospital. I got an MBA in hospital administration. I am doing it all hands-on,” she shared.

She added: “When I worked here in the UAE, what I learned is that it focuses on its quality. They give a lot of emphasis on quality and the patient’s safety. And if this quality is taught at every level of the healthcare field, the results are wonderful and more efficient. When I go back to India, I will bring all my learnings to my country.”

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