Chinese Entrepreneur ChengLing Zhang sees Dubai as a hub of opportunities and Innovation

Executive Vice President of One Road Group- Dubai, ChengLing “Jojo” Zhang, described the city of Dubai as a place of great culture and possibility. Her love for business and success always drives a young entrepreneur like Jojo. 

This woman of business has stayed in Dubai for almost ten years, creating opportunities and helping Dubai in different innovation projects from structures to transportations. According to Jojo, Dubai gave her a lot of breaks that helped her be a person of freedom.

A promising start-up of business would likely be difficult for anyone, but Dubai let her realize that: “This city has variants of cultures, and it is open for 150 nationalities. The city is also famous for its oil and gas, tourism, and financial center.”

The beginning

As a Chinese, she has constantly been reminded to be practical in life and do her best to learn more about everything. At first, Jojo struggled much in the usage of the English language. Moreover, she knew things slowly until she developed her confidence. 

“When you gain confidence and success, all of your efforts will pay off,” she said. 

Jojo’s first job in Dubai was as a trader of oil and gas. Since she enjoyed her work, excitement will always be part of her everyday routine. After some time, she decided to let her fortune bring her luck. 

“Starting a business in oil and gas was challenging. I was a trader before, and I experienced how difficult it was. Procedures and process of business in Dubai are different,” she said.  

One Road Group

The One Road Group is a Chinese company whose initiative to build One Road resulted in many projects developing in Dubai, primarily transportation-related activities. 

“I am proud to have this business. When you want to have anything, please continue to do it; nothing is impossible,” she said. 

She added that in creating a business, a person should always think smart about an idea. Based on her experience, she waited for two years to build her business, and it was all worth the wait. 

Lastly, Jojo is very thankful for Dubai. The city gave her a lot of opportunities. She also considered the emirate as part of her life. 

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