Fatima Zahra Alaoui: What’s inside the entrepreneur’s mind?

Since childhood, this woman of courage has already developed her skills of being a risk-taker—an intelligent woman from Morocco and now a successful businesswoman in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Pull out quote: “If you are doing the right thing and you are focused on its phasing, definitely it will have a good result.”

Fatima Zhara Alaoui, the managing director of ITQAN Immigration Services, developed her courageous spirit from a young age. She went to Dubai at the age of 19 and brought goals to transcend her life and have a brighter future. 

“My first work in the United Arab Emirates was as a hotel receptionist. While working, I also intend to study at the same time,” she said. 

Fatima added that time management is the key to attaining quality work. She also had chances to work and be promoted to several positions. Since she was a top performer in the company, Fatima also got the job to become an assistant manager. 

Entrepreneur’s mind

According to Fatima, creating networks in Dubai is one of the most effective ways to grow holistically in professional life. She makes sure that she will always have a takeaway lesson when meeting people. 

One of the greatest lessons that professionals taught her was: “Always think of being an entrepreneur and never stay in your place as a normal employee. So, what I did was, I look for an extra job.”

She opened her first shop in one of the hotels in Abu Dhabi, and that second was not easy for her, but her brave heart daringly remains her drive. The story did not stop at that moment; she also founded a company in Morocco, her home country. Transaction of goods from Morocco to the UAE got more manageable for her business. 

“I also had the opportunity to work with Etihad Airways. I got my master’s degree in Business Management,” she said. 

Positivity and Wisdom

The situation that triggered Fatima to set up an immigration center was based on her personal experience, when her application was unsuccessful when she applied for Canada. She also observed that her friends also had the same experiences as her. 

“I realized that there was something wrong; I need to do something about it,” she insisted. From that moment, she started to create ITQAN, an immigration agency that helps people achieve their dream of travel and migration. 

After contemplating all of her accomplishments, she offers this advice to dreamers: “If you are afraid to try, that means you have no knowledge, but if you try, at least you know how your success is progressing. Never give up.”

“No one succeeds on Day 1, there will be a lot of trials, but they let us grow and learn more. These challenges will make us stronger. Every dreamer should fight, keep the positive spirit and be confident.” 

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