Learning through Action: Bonn Lozano, never limit oneself in Working, Learn

“It is the only place (Dubai) I know that change is so fast in terms of growth, innovation, and development.”

Dubai has been a hub for more than 200 nationalities who create their dreams and future. Many investors and people in business are opening their trades in the city because of diverse culture and financial growth. 

One of these business-minded individuals is of Filipino descent, Bonn Lozano, the owner of Shokudo Restaurant. He has been in Dubai for 15 years, continuously growing his business and helping people be part of his enterprise’s success. 

His first years

Before coming to Dubai, Bonn worked temporarily in the Philippines at Eastwood Properties, Megaworld. Thenceforward, he decided to work on his destiny. 

“After some time, I eventually ventured to my own business. I was into supplying and distributing LPG gas in the Philippines,” he shared. 

Bonn arrived in Dubai in 2006 and sooner worked as a sales and business developer in a prestigious company in the city. Upon excelling in his work, he becomes a safety officer and safety manager for DEWA. 

According to Bonn, while working from the company he was affiliated with, he never stops learning things from its operations to the management. He believed that his accumulated learnings could be part of his dream business. 

He added that “I learned a lot from my previous firm, and it includes the ways to run a company. Those observations help me so much to start up and open a business here in Dubai.” 

Never stop learning

For Bonn, starting Shokudo Restaurant was not that easy; he faced a lot of challenges, and the struggles were always part of generating a new endeavor. Although skirmishes were on their way that time, he stayed positive. 

“I believe that we all have our ups and downs, and it is part of growing up. We should never stop learning. These lessons are worth working for, because they can result in growth and progress,” he ended. 

In pursuit of his dreams, he patiently waited for the right time and reminisced to learn and turn his dreams into reality. Learning through action is observed to a man of great mindset like Bonn Lozano. 

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