Karun Luthra: The Gifted Guru of the Consultation Industry

“It has been a journey for me when I see growth and prosperity in my career.” 

Migration Specialist Karun Luthra is already a legend in the consultation industry. Throughout his career, he has been into sales and consultation. His comprehensive journey in influencing and guiding people to have the best decision supports him to become a developed individual and service-oriented motivator. 

He is currently staying in Dubai for four years, and his first job landed in a real estate company. He served as a training manager and headed all training-related ventures of the company. After years of building a name, he had an opportunity to work in a management consultancy company where he is affiliated today. 

Karun is a man of talent and great motives; becoming a training manager is not easy; he typically trains people with various backgrounds, personalities, and visions. According to him, training people essentially taught him to embrace adversities and be creative. 

Natured Skills

The service industry is already a home for Karun. He has been in marketing and direct sales for more than a decade. Primarily, his function most of the time revolves around the training realm.

“I am articulate in the consultation industry. I have been more into sales and consultation throughout my career, and I have more than 14 years of experience in telemarketing and direct sales,” he said. 

He also added that: “It has been a journey for me when I see growth and prosperity in terms of career. I am more of a consulting manager than a training manager. His current job tasks him to train people.” 

His current job requires him to train people holistically. He serves as a motivational speaker, a coach, and a consultant to the organization. His ability to persuade people is a natural talent.

Dubai journey

In his present job, he feels fulfilled and thriving because of the emirate of Dubai. Karun sees that his Dubai journey gave him many opportunities to prosper and cultivate his career. 

Aside from being an office man, he also loves to work out and, from time to time, spend a moment with his family on weekends.

His existing work with Vazir Management Consultancy makes him happy and satisfied. He is always seeing himself growing as an individual and a professional. 

According to him, Vazir Management Consultancy is a premium boutique for immigration consultation in which it specializes in Canadian Immigration. 

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