Ismail Ibrahim: The Restless Heart of a General Manager

“A person should work hard and have a goal to reach with, or else, nothing will happen.” 

Ismail is a father of two kids, a husband of a loving wife, and a general manager of a multi-awarded Ramada Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This man considered the United Arab Emirates (UAE) his first home and a great place to live life. 

After 15 great years of living in Abu Dhabi, he realized that his life was exciting. He started being part of the front office serving in reception, and afterwards, hard work paid off when he was promoted to different managerial positions. 

Ismail believes he is a driven person in terms of results because he lives in humility. He wants to be hands-on with the operations, and he loves to be part of the team. 

“It is not just a one-person show. I am always with my team, and I cannot achieve something without them. I can only say that I am the one who coordinates, facilitates their job, and makes sure that all things are sound and in a good place,” he said. 

He added that the result of cooperation and teamwork brought them to many awards, and one of these was the Traveler’s Choice award of Trip Advisor and 

Working hard pays off

Ismail believed that: “In my life, I always put a target for myself, because the environment will follow the work you have done. In UAE, people are encouraged to be motivated in work. That’s what had happened to me, I worked hard, and the management recognized me.”

Ismail’s performance in work brought him to sales and marketing, and he was promoted as General Manager of Ramada for four years now.  

When Dubai Vibes Magazine asked him about his secret of good leadership, he said that the core of hospitality is good service and how you interact correctly with the guests. Building relationships is essential. 

He is a man of dynamism; he makes sure that he works objectively but does not sacrifice creativity. To make changes from time to time, he kills the routine and creates new variety in his management in the hospitality industry.   Lastly, he advises everyone never to give up having a dream and a target towards life. Not having a goal will result in nothing. Everyone should work hard and create a way for fulfillment. 

Dubai Vibes Magazine releases its Issue 12 covering the EXPO 2020 Dubai. The magazine is divided into different sections: Talk of the Town, Dining, People and Travel. Enjoy reading!

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