Sheikh Zayed Festival sees 300 camels compete in Al Wathba Milking Competition

The Camel Milking competition will kick off this week from 3rd – 8th March, among the various cultural events and competitions of the Sheikh Zayed Festival.

The competition aims to promote and preserve Emirati cultural and heritage activities, enhance awareness of how camels produce milk for society’s benefit, and support camel owners taking advantage of the massive market for camels and camel milk products.

Around 300 camels from the UAE and GCC countries will participate in this competition. In terms of participation, all camels should have given birth very recently and have undergone the pre-health checkup tests between 27th February and 1st March; to win AED300,000.

The camels will be milked by their owners or whoever they delegate during the mornings and evenings. The camel milk will be measured directly in front of the judging panel, with each camel’s total amount of milk recorded in a daily register.

Thirty prizes will be awarded for the three camel categories of Al Majahim, Locals and Open, with ten awards in each category. The winner of first place in each round will receive a cash prize of AED300,000, the second place will win AED200,000 and the third an AED100,000, with the rest of the prizes distributed between the ten first places in the competition.

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