Ventzi Naydenova: Sustainability advocate views work as a public service

Getting out of one’s comfort zone is one of the most challenging things to do in life. We, as humans, have always desired satisfaction and comfort. Still, it is also necessary to be out of the ordinary to bring out the best, discover, and grow through new experiences.

Ventzi Naydenova, a Bulgarian-American, believes that remaining curious can lead to a wealth of knowledge. She is currently the Exclusive Distributor of Percuro Insect Protein Petfood in the GCC. This woman is a multifaceted individual who works in various fields. She was born in Bulgaria, grew up in the United States of America, and moved to Dubai 13 years ago; her exposure to the world and different cultures has taught her how to deal with people of different nationalities.

Ventzi has a background in finance. She studied in the United States and worked in banking in New York City after graduation. She later relocated to Dubai and worked as a consultant for Deloitte. Aside from her professional journey, she has a passion for cooking and has trained as a professional chef in Dubai. She has also assisted in the creation of menus for several restaurants.

“I am proud of that experience because it allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and pursue a true passion, which came with a good confidence boost when you try something new and do well in it,” she said.

Ventzi also mentioned that as adults, we tend to stick to what we know and that exploration becomes less and less as we get older.

She has tried many things in her professional career, some of which have worked and some have not, but the most important thing for her is that she never stops trying and being curious. Her greatest inspiration is her father, who was born to be a leader and entrepreneur.

Career Highlight

“The highlight of my career has been starting something on my own, which I have always wanted to do,” Ventzi said.

Everything began with introduction of Percuro Insect Protein pet food to the UAE. Given the developing nature of the industry and the outsized impact that could be achieved by replacing traditional livestock pet food ingredients with insect protein.

According to her, she knew this was a place she wanted to invest her time and energy. During her journey, she was astounded to learn that livestock farming contributes approximately 18% of global carbon emissions and that a staggering 20% of all livestock, poultry, and fish is used to feed the 500 million pet companions.

Ventzi also stated that her company is more than just a business; it is an excellent public mission. She said that their work is very much in line with sustainability and environmental protection.

“We are part of a quiet revolution sweeping the pet industry. “Not only is insect protein pet food environmentally friendly, but it is also a nutritionally superior source of protein that does not require the use of hormones and antibiotics during farming,” she explained.

For Ventzi, this project is more than just a business; it is a mission to make life more comfortable for all living things.

In keeping with this mission, raising awareness for an entirely new product category that still needs to be created in the market can be challenging. However, she enjoys selling and conversing with others. One of the most fulfilling feelings for her is educating others about their mission.

Despite having worked in various fields, Ventzi will always ensure that every step she takes serves a purpose. She is a woman who strives for greater heights by becoming more curious every day of her life.

Finally, her ultimate dream is for her family always to be close and together, no matter how old the children are.

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