Zamantha Regala: Filipina Engineer ventures into Sustainable Solutions business in UAE

Establishing a business is a lengthy process that requires patience, dedication, and desire to succeed. Nowadays, business is not only a regular activity since it promotes awareness through advocacies. I am raising awareness via advocacy.

Like Zamantha Regala, a 41-year-old Filipino expat in Dubai who is the General Manager of JJJ Group pushes for sustainable lighting, design, and construction solutions.

Her devotion allows her to become an empowered lady who can cross any mountain and sea. The Filipina spirit within her has an impression on many individuals she meets.

Zamantha was born and reared in the Philippines, where she finished her schooling. She holds a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. In her early years, she worked in design, sales, and project management. She eventually pursued her interest in lighting solutions company development after understanding her flair for sales and marketing.

Zamantha made the paramount choice in 2015 to build a restaurant in Dubai Silicon Oasis, marking his entrepreneurial adventure’s beginning. She eventually left the restaurant industry to concentrate on the JJJ group.

Life in Dubai

Zamantha arrived in the UAE in 2005 and has called Dubai her home. The emirates offered her everything she desired. She considers the country one of the world’s greatest for raising a family. What she appreciates most about the country is the certainty of security and safety, and ease of access.

During her early years, she worked for two French LED light manufacturers as a member of the teams that produced and presented the goods to the local market. One of her professional highlights was providing sustainable lighting solutions to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) for a first-of-its-kind project in the UAE.

When Dubai Vibes Magazine asked her about her job satisfaction, she responded that the presentation on sustainability and ESG practice is among the most sought-after internationally.

“My business path enables me to provide value-added services through durable lighting solutions that fulfill the diverse needs of my consumers,” she explained.

Zamantha’s life after work is considerably more centered on reading. She is a passionate reader, and one of her favorite pastimes each month is meeting other readers at their book club. Every month, they choose a book, and their conversations revolve around it.

Challenges that turn to greatness

Managing a small business involves juggling many weekly tasks, which can be challenging in a single day. She says the most difficult problem is prioritizing and finishing duties flawlessly.

Zamantha is an active member of Femail Fusion, a network of 20,000 female entrepreneurs. As an oracle of knowledge, the community member has been helpful on many key occasions for JJJ Group and has helped grow her professional network.

“It has also been my safe haven and support system, which provides me with appropriate assistance to confront issues and make the correct decisions,” she added.

Zamantha stated that the Female Fusion women entrepreneurs had been a fantastic source of inspiration, support, and encouragement in her endeavors. The group is highly resourceful and appropriate for all types of business-related questions, and it has assisted her in overcoming any challenges she has encountered.

Her group experience also provides a secure space for women to explore their passions and interests, make connections, exchange experiences, and bring value to their entrepreneurial path.

This determined woman is now an inspiration to many others, mainly Filipino expats working abroad to create and maintain a solid life for their families in the Philippines.

Despite reaching the pinnacle of her career, Zamantha’s ultimate goal for her family is to acquire a home in Dubai and develop her business, including building a JJJ Showroom shortly. Aside from that, she wishes for her children to complete their university education in the UAE.

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