Snaya Aswad: The life of a Multi passionate Entrepreneur, a happy mother, and a wife

We often want to be someone because of the inspiration we get from someone near us. As a result, there are families with physicians, teachers, attorneys, and even performers and actresses. This drive fosters familial relationships and a sense of comfort and security.

Snaya Aswad, a 36-year-old Canadian expat in the UAE, is highly enthusiastic about art. She was fortunate enough to attend an art school. She enrolled in every art class she could find.

In Grade 9, she began her first job during his adolescence, and that first paycheque seemed like a million dollars to her. It was only 15 hours a week, but it taught her responsibility and how to work with others. Earning money for college was a terrific experience for her.

Because of the influence of her father, a Mechanical Engineer, she opted to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering after graduating from high school. Her father, she claims, has a flair for drawing and sketching drawings, which he eventually transformed into blueprints; he’s been known to stay up all night preparing lectures for his pupils.

She knew from a young age that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in mechanical engineering.

On the other hand, her mother significantly affected her life; she demonstrated what it takes to be a strong, confident woman who knows precisely what she wants out of life. And how crucial confidence is in following her ambitions.

“I moved from Toronto to Dubai in 2010 after graduating from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in Construction and Project Management—and got my first professional title along the way! It was all worth it because I have a family who supports me every step,” Snaya said.

She also stated that there was a lot of hard work and difficult moments throughout this time, but it was all worth it since success makes everything worthwhile.

Marrying the love of her life, creating a family, and deciding to put her career on wait were not simple decisions. But when their children grew into tiny people, she felt ready to re-enter the workforce while still being able to be close to home with her family. So they decided to form their own company, Celine Claire GCC, and become entrepreneurs.

Snaya says, “Being an entrepreneur mom is not only possible but also incredibly rewarding. It’s helped me grow as a person and given me a sense of accomplishment, and I have to manage my kids’ needs while still creating the right environment for them to grow up in.”

She is continuously managing her own business and her family—there have been many difficult circumstances she has had to navigate with time management, composure, and organization.

Furthermore, being a busy entrepreneur-mother is rewarding, especially when she can spend time with her family and create her schedule. She is delighted because she did a lot in a day, and if someone tells her that it cannot be done, she tells them that she has done it.

Her enterprise and its challenges

Before the pandemic, Celine Claire Hair Care Products mainly served salons and hair professionals. Because before the epidemic, life was different. Except when everything shut down during the Covid, they felt they had no choice but to hide in their houses and wait for things to improve.

But then they wanted to inject some pleasure into people’s lives, and they embarked on a quest to make cosmetics and personal care interesting and exciting again. At the same time, they remained pure and organic so that customers could feel good about their purchases.

Celine Clair Cosmetics is now accessible in salons throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. They created it because everyone deserves access to natural and organic personal care products.

When asked what she appreciated most about her present job, she said she likes giving services to her clients. She is under pressure to serve families with children with distinctive hair that mothers struggle to manage because their products are natural and safe for younger children.

Snaya, despite her achievements, has had challenges in her life, but she has overcome them. She mentioned that changing job paths surprised others around her; they concentrated on what she couldn’t accomplish, but she focused on what she was enthusiastic about.

This woman put her talents and expertise to use in her new role. As a result, she felt more emboldened to take the essential steps in the beauty sector.

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