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Rami and Donna Hajjar: From online sellers to owning one of UAE’s leading jewelry shops

"For me, the word 'dream' is a big one. However, I have always made my dreams a reality." Rami Hajjar, a 33-year-old Armenian who is...

Tallulah Harvey: Creating a happy life is a key to achieving a fulfilled life

Finding happiness in life is one of the most rewarding goals a person can have. However, to achieve this self-actualization aspect of life, one...

Taha Elouazzani: Hospitality legend who loves to take risks to seize success opportunities

Taking risks in life is intended for those with brave hearts. A heart that never stops loving and fantasizing about the best experience of...

Michel Adam: Mr. Fashion TV

Michel Adam Lisowski is an Austrian businessman and successful entrepreneur. He spent his high school years in Vienna and was granted a scholarship for...

Eben Zenodine Johannes: Teaching is most rewarding when students learn that they can do simple tasks  

Teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world. Imagine a world without educators; it would be a disaster. Educators are the people...

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