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Dream big, build boldly: Hendrik Van Der Ham’s visionary approach to business

Hendrik Van Der Ham is not just a seasoned entrepreneur but a visionary who sees the potential for profound connection in every ALUMINIUM STRUCTURE and concrete slab....

Orlando Alforte Gayeta: Pioneering Marketing Excellence Across Media Landscapes in the Middle East

Orlando Alforte Gayeta is a seasoned marketing professional with a diverse background in media and broadcasting. With nearly eleven years of experience in the Middle East, he...

Holistic Healing Revolution: Redefining Healthcare Beyond Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Hadeel Ismail, a clinical pharmacist turned holistic healer, embodies a journey of transformation and empowerment. With roots in the UAE and experiences spanning the UK and...


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The Museum of the Future: Dubai just got another gem

By Joshua Trias A surreal view awaits you as you glance out the window while your plane flies in Dubai’s night skies – Sheikh Zayed...

Dubai dining in the new normal

By Joshua Trias Dubai arguably is one of the best dining destinations across the world, boasting thousands of restaurants and top Michelin chefs rolling out...

Dubai Shopping Festival: It’s that time of the year once again

By Armand Cacho It’s that time of the year once again. A month-and-a-half of festive offers, bargains and prizes galore that have made Dubai a...

Hamdan bin Mohammed’s falcon named Antar finishes strong at Fazza Championship for Falconry in Dubai

Antar, the falcon of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, had a strong participation in the Fazza...

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